Would you like some pickle and honey with your pizza?

That’s right. Last night’s dinner was quite interesting. We were suggested by the front desk to go to a restaurant called “Seoga and Cook” in Dongtan’s downtown. It was one of those modern, crisp and clean looking, American-ish restaurants. I ordered a Fanta Grape while K had some German beer. He also ordered some fries that came dusted with paprika, garlic powder and parmesan. The fries were served in different shapes. There was matchstick fries, regular fries and wedges. K had ordered Four Cheese Pizza and I went for a new dish called “Eggtata”. For some reason, K was doing an exaggerated Indian accent while saying the word “Eggtata” and it sounded so hilarious!

Eggtata - Frittata with pilaf
                            Eggtata – Frittata with pilaf

Eggtata is a skillet comprising of Frittata (kind of like a crustless egg quiche or a super duper fluffy omelet), some pilaf in the center (so the frittata beneath the pilaf gets pretty much flattened out like an omelet) and a fried egg on top drizzled with balsamic vinegar. It’s finished up like a regular frittata in the oven. I had a “kimchi pilaf eggtata” which had kimchi pilaf in the center. Kimchi pilaf tasted a lot like spicy fried rice made with pilaf rice. I was so not ready for this dish to be honest. Just the idea of all that eggy action for dinner seemed a bit much and I was not sure how a frittata would combine with kimchi to make one fabulous dish.

So when our main dishes arrived, the waitress walks up to us and offers us some pickle in a small cup. Pickled veggies for what? I assumed since I was eating my kimchi pilaf, they gave pickle to go with the Eggtata. I called the waitress using a handy device called the waiter button. Why does the rest of the world not have it? It is a small button that can be used to call the waitress. So you don’t have to raise your hand or repeat “excuse me” like a million times before you get the waitress’s attention. Just press the button and boom! there’s your waitress.

This is definitely one of the coolest gadgets I've come across in recent times
This is definitely one of the coolest gadgets I’ve come across in recent times

The waitress told me we had to eat the pickle with the pizza. Our jaws dropped on hearing that. We had never heard of this combination. I had read earlier that Korean pizzas can be quite different from the rest of the world. Sure enough, we did find some really surprising combinations on the menu last night. For example, there was one with sweet potato and blueberry. I could not fathom most of what I had seen in my imagination. But pickle with pizza was a whole other deal. When the waitress went back to her work, K point blank refused to try pickle with pizza. Being quite the explorer, I was curious and had a bite of the pizza with the pickle. It’s interesting…. It’s interesting but I don’t think I can do it again.

Pickle and Pizza?
Pickle and Pizza?

Then came my Eggtata. I was so weirded out to see so much eggy action going on. Fried egg on top of a dozen eggs? I was so skeptical. I cut up a chunk of eggtata and served it up on my plate. The first bite into it was …. deeelicious! You cannot look at eggtata in the same way as frittata. If you do, you would probably be skeptical as I was until that first bite when you change your mind and you go, now that’s something new and something truly amazing! It was super delicious. The eggs or the frittata part wasn’t flooded with italian herbs which is what I think made the frittata pair well with the kimchi pilaf. On the whole, I was satisfied. I obviously could not finish even 1/4th of what was served.

Tastes even better than it looks!
Tastes even better than it looks!

As K and I were almost getting done with dinner, I noticed a small cup of something that looked like oil. I called the waitress who told me Koreans usually dip pizza in some honey. Again, the jaw drop happened. I could not believe what I was hearing. Koreans have truly made pizza their own. It’s not the italian or the american italian style you would have eaten at so many places. It’s different and it’s quite the experience.

So my question is: Would you like some pickle and honey with your pizza?


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