Freekin’ Deelish!

For quite sometime now, Americans have been on about this new superfood “Freekeh” pronounced Freak Uh. Correct me if I’m wrong… Freekeh is a middle eastern/Egyptian/Palestinian wheat grain that is harvested when the wheat is young. It has at least 4 times more fiber than other grains — even than Quinoa! And what’s amazing about Freekeh is that it’s freeekin’ deelicious! This tastes way better than brown rice, quinoa and even couscous. It’s great for people trying to lose weight or even diabetic as it has tons of fiber.

I tried a freekeh salad a while ago at a random cafe and I didn’t like it. The salad was bland and lacked flavour. And yet, I found hundreds and hundreds of recipes and blog posts that went on and on about how awesome it is. So on a recent grocery trip, I picked up some Freekeh from dear ol’ Costco. I made some Freekeh and sweet potato soup for lunch. It was beautiful!

Freekeh –

I cooked Freekeh like I would cook pasta instead of rice. And drained the freekeh off all water. It tasted just fine. 

To a pot, I added oil, some chopped up garlic, ginger, a little campari tomato, a handful of spinach (optional: throw in peppers for a spicy kick). Saute them until garlic/ginger is soft, tomato cooked and spinach wilted. Add some chopped up cilantro. Stir and add in the cooked Freekeh. Season with salt and pepper. Garnish with lemon. 

Thoughts: I wanted to add a little goat cheese towards the end to make a saucy dish and thanks to weight loss forever, I decided to skip the goat cheese and wound up the dish with a lemony kick. The result was spectacular. The focus was all on the freekeh and none of the other ingredients took over. 

Sweet potato soup – 

Throw in some dried herbs (more specifically, I added crushed mint, rosemary, lots of basil, bay leaves, oregano and thyme), chopped celery and sliced garlic in some EVOO in a stock pot. Saute and close with lid. Let it cook until celery and garlic are soft. Add sweet potato cubes and some water. Approx measure: to 1 cup of sweet potato, I added 2 glasses of water. Close the lid and let it come to a boil. Open the lid after 5-10 mins and let it continue to boil and wait for the water to come to about 1-2 inch above the sweet potato mixture. Take out that indispensable hand blender and puree to desired consistency. It came out pretty creamy so I didn’t add any milk or cream substitutes to it. Season with salt and pepper. Serve hot or cold. 




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