New Obsession

If there is one thing I’ve wanted since I was a teen, it is to grow my nails long and paint it with pretty colors. Try as I might, my nail-biting habit always got in the way. I would grow them for a few days and file them naturally using my teeth. It seems nearly impossible and yet the past few weeks has been my longest attempt ever. Lately, I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many people who flaunt their well-manicured nails (one of them being my very own sister). I’ve had to shake hands with people who had everything from straight as a line square nails to slightly curved round nails. Next to them, mine looked like a joke. It was high time and I decided to grow them trying very hard to avoid biting them.

It’s been 3 weeks since I last bit my nail and I can proudly say they are back at their last longest. With my birthday just around the corner, my husband decided to treat me to some manicure supplies as motivation and a birthday gift from a nearby nails supply store. It was even better as the store had brands like Essie and Zoya at nearly 50% off. Knowing they are one of the more expensive brands, I decided to pick up a few colors. I should say I am obsessed with one particular color from Zoya. It’s the color Mira from Zoya. Don’t judge it too fast from the picture on their website. The picture bounces off the glossiness from the glass. This color is a dusty almost regal color with a matte undertone. It’s perfect as is or with a top coat to give it a more glossy look. It’s also weightless which is great as I am not a big fan of lacquers that make you feel like you’re carrying mini weights on all nails.

When I first looked at this shade, I wasn’t too sure if my skin tone could pull off such a nail color. Boy was I wrong! The color is just super pretty and is perfect for all skin tones. And I have to say I’m quite impressed with Zoya’s colors. Each one of them look perfect and they are the kind of colors I would love to wear.  I still haven’t tried the other colors. I have “don’t sweater it” and “armed and ready” from Essie. I also have this pretty shade form China Glaze called “Wagon Trail”. I absolutely love these colors. Will check back in on what I think of the rest.


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