Chai Tea


In my recent quest to lose some weight and get back in shape, I decided to stay off coffee for sometime now. I have replaced it with tea and that includes the milky masala chai. And no, you cannot call it chai tea because the chai is in the tea. Chai is tea in Hindi. The spices you add to chai is called masala. 

I figured if I was going to be giving up so much caffeine, the least caffeine I could give myself was through some moderately caffeinated black tea. Surprisingly, I have strayed away and now am able to appreciate caffeine free teas. The best part of it all is the absence of jitters or caffeine buzz or mood fluctuations. I find myself calm for most of the day. I am able to stay positive and make rational decisions without the dramatic push that I usually get from coffee. 

I haven’t started experimenting with loose leaf teas yet. I have begun with tea sachets hoping I will acquire a taste for a more grassier tasting tea. I bought 3 flavours from Celestial Seasonings – Bengal Spice (an imitation of Indian chai with spices minus the caffeinated tea), Morning Thunder (incase I was looking for some caffeine – I have not tried this yet. Will let you know pretty soon) and Sleepytime (more to relax me at night than put me to sleep. Note: It can put anyone down to sleep as it has this plant called valerin which is known for its relaxing properties). Besides these, I also have a bit of green tea and raspberry leaf tea from Traditional Medicinals (which claims to be good for the female system). 

So far, I am falling more and more in love with just plain tea without adding any milk/cream/sugar/honey. I have heard Lupicia has a great collection of Japanese teas. Plan to make a visit soon. Any suggestions are welcome! 


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