Goats Movie Review

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Predictable, predictable, predictable….

Even for someone who has recently strayed into the indie scene, this movie seems very predictable (yes, for the millionth time) and filled with some odd humour. There are many coming-of-age movies that talk about teens struggling with addiction and yet manage to keep the audience thinking.

Goats is a movie that talks about a boy who does really well in his studies even though it’s not something he cares about. Goat Man a.k.a Javier lives with the boy and his divorced mother rent-free in exchange for taking care of simple chores around the house. Ellis (the boy) has nothing really to complain about except for the fact that his parents are divorced. He has everything a teenage kid could want and yet as we move along in the story where he meets his father and his new girlfriend, Ellis is disappointed with the many twists and turns that life has to offer. This is not unexpected and every moment in the movie is an opportunity missed by Christopher Neil. Even though it’s Neil’s directorial debut, Goats is a movie that was spoiled and butchered completely.

The only good things about the movie was the shots of Arizona (Oh my god, it was absolutely beautiful) and the actors whom I believe might have done a better job with some specific purpose set by the director. On the whole, Goats wasted some amazing talent and maybe somethings should just remain how they were created. In this case, a book that should never have been made into a movie.


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