Cocktail Experiments

I have been on and off experimenting with cocktails since last year. Thanks to friends who introduced me to the world of Vesuvio on Santacon Day in San Francisco. After hours of waiting outside Vesuvio (only the awesomest pub in SFO) and literally making my way through a mob of crowd much like we do in an extremely crowded bus, we found ourselves a small spot at the end of the bar with every table filled both in and out. My friends being gentlemen obviously gave the only seat available to the lady and surrounded me in a semi-circle. We started to order our drinks.It then struck me that me and K were only experimenting with beers that cocktails never crossed my mind.

I have heard from a lot of my friends that cocktails are pretty good for evenings and not to forget “Sex and the City”. I read up the menu and spotted a particularly interesting drink named “Jack Kerouac”. I told myself this was probably SF’s way of thanking the progenitor behind the hippie movement that originated in and around San Francisco. I ordered the drink – I honestly don’t remember what was in the drink except I kept drinking it a lot. And then it started – this curiosity to experiment with different kinds of spirits.

Last year I made a cocktail and named it Fraulein Maria. This year — K was fixing somethings at home and there was a lot of hardwork and sun involved. Unfortunately there wasn’t any beer at home for him to keep cool. So I decided to make him a summery cocktail. He normally would never drink anything girly but this new cocktail concoction of mine is as girly as can be but with surprisingly neutral flavours!

So what am I going to name this pretty drink? Pink Pearl – because the color reminds me so much of a delicate pink pearl.

Pink Pearl

0.75 oz – Tanqueray London Dry Gin

0.5 oz – Jose Cuervo especial tequila

0.5 oz – Triple sec

A splash – Lime concentrate

0.5 oz – Raspberry Lemonade

A thin peel of Navel Orange


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