Kitchen King

A long time back when I was clearing out my husband’s kitchen, I found this small carton of spice mix labelled “Kitchen King Masala”. Obviously being a South Indian, I wasn’t very familiar with this spice powder and even had a friend comment that it was one of those weird commercialized spice powders that no true Indian cook would have in their kitchen.

Is that right? No.

Having come from India, I do know that marketing is still in the works and every spice powder has a unique taste that compliments a particular dish. True, you do not need a specific spice powder for making a specific dish. You can always mix and work with many other spice powders to get the required result. However, using specific powders makes this task simpler without having to worry too much about the chemistry between spices and just doing it right every single time.

So after wondering why someone would name a spice mix concoction Kitchen King, I decided to do a little research on the internet. And what I found was the Kitchen King Spice powder is a sort of all-purpose spice powder mix that is used as a final touch for almost every dish in a typical Punjabi household. The traditional mix that is used is marketed commercially under the name of Kitchen King as it truly lives up to its name. It can complete and round up any dish perfectly and makes complete sense to have this essential spice mix in your pantry.

I decided to then use this on a random day and the final touch that it adds is quite similar to how a sprinkling of chaat masala would taste on certain bhajis and fried goodies. Not in terms of taste but the effect of eating a well-rounded dish. So if you love Indian cooking, go get yourself a pack of this wonderful spice mix and have fun cooking!


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