Racist Trash

* I am not trying to generalize my opinion about all Americans. I still know people from different diversities here in the US. And there are a lot more nicer people that I have come across than two racist people mentioned in this post. All I can say is to everyone, when you see injustice staring you in your face, please stand up. Even if it is not happening to you. You could be saving lives by doing the right thing.

It has happened. The day I dreaded for so long. The day I was abused by two racist people here in the US.

Before coming to the US, I was afraid. Scared to be victim of a racial challenge that has been a perpetual event in this country of freedom and opportunity until today when I was asked to shut up from speaking my mother tongue and hide my proud identity. Why? Because I’m not English. Because I have brown skin. Because I speak one of the oldest languages in the world.

Until this very day, I knew there was a black-white divide in this country (and before all you other countries start to talk, we all know it exists in every society and at every level… we are specifically referring to Racists here) but never knew why so many African-Americans got furious for everything from petty things to gigantically immoral things. And now I know why. It is such a big deal. You just don’t realize it until it hits you in your face. All along, I was angry that the African- American community here in the US are abused verbally racially to the point where it has become a cry neglected and ignored by crass trashy racists. Now I am pissed.

Me and a bunch of my relatives were partying. It was like any other day at home. Good food and wine. At around midnight, me and my cousins wanted to get some food. We hit iHop – the typical 24 hour American fast food known for its round-the-clock breakfast menus when a trashy couple sat in a table next to us. After a couple of minutes, the man from that table walked over to ours asking us to keep it down with a ton of attitude (NO. I’m not exaggerating). That’s fine. We are civil people too and if you thought we were loud, we’ll for sure keep it down so all of us can be happy at the end of the day. We apologized despite the guy’s attitude and went on chewing through our dinner when the woman spoke of things I have only seen in movies.

“You come to our country and you talk what we talk,OK. You people can’t talk whatever shit language no one even cares about here.”

And the racist comments continued.

Was that really necessary? My blood was boiling and I could not eat anymore. I stopped right there when my cousin decided it was time we all stopped taking crap and gave them an ear load to think about which did not really stop them from talking junk. They moved to another table. The waitresses at iHop could not stand up for what was staring them and every other person in that restaurant today.

Why should we keep quiet? Why should I not travel wherever I want and live wherever I want? Why should we let them talk their racist trash and just go about doing everything like it doesn’t matter? Who is to tell me I can’t be who I am in a land that was supposed to be the land of freedom and opportunity.

I wrote a long time back that I had changed my opinion of the United States. I still stand by it. I love this country. But my hatred for the racist trash that lives here continues and so will the fight. After all, what goes around will come around.


8 thoughts on “Racist Trash

  1. I can totally relate to what you have gone through as I have gone through it myself. Not that it is excusable but this behavior is mostly due to ignorance and fear. But just think for a moment, don’t we have it in India, the violence against NE Indians that has led a lot of Indians from the NE to be displaced from their homes. We have always had it here, not cos of your skin color but cos you don’t belong to a particular sect…..it is there everywhere and it definitely hurts when you are on the receiving end…..just gives us a moment to think before we do that do others (i am not hinting we do) but there have been instances when we have also been silent observers

    1. I agree. I am specifically talking about racists. My blood is boiling and this is not the first time. We can’t just accept or shrug and move on like it never happened. Why should we not stand up for what is right? Why let them walk all over with their slimy feet? No one and that includes every single person who gets racially abused in any country. This post deals with just one incident but I hope it will reach out to atleast a handful of people who will join me in this fight.

      1. I agree with you completely. Its just that most of them are not even aware that they are like that. They just look at their parents/peers behaving like that and think that is the norm

  2. Everywhere in the world you would come across such a bunch of guys who get instant pleasure when they see you are irritated and retaliate over the racist slur. Some of the unnecessary comments may also lead to violence. Saner advice would be to stay away and keep silent. In the backyard of our home we can see so many passing nasty remarks and comments on the persona. No doubt we get disturbed but if we choose to retort then things go ugly and we are forced to swallow the unwanted developments. Stay calm and take the good around your life and move on.

  3. Hey divi, that was bad experience. Yes we are in their adopted land. But it very well does not give them the right to make us a different person. we have our own rich culture and we will be proud to display it…These sect of people still have a stunted mental growth I guess. Best thing to do is just give them a wide berth and walk away coz they are like children who cannot wrap their minds around the fact that people hail from a variety of backgrounds and everyone is precious in their own right.

    1. Hey aishu… u kno what saddens me is that this stuff exists not only here… but even in India… I meet so many Indians who loathe where they come from. I see a lot of South Indians who talk crap about South Indians and simply refusing to be proud of who they are and where they come from. I have known a lot of North Indians looking down on Southies and vice versa. Thats just sad. If you can’t be proud of who you are, then there is something seriously wrong with you. The woman from the restaurant was Yiddish I think and she told us she never spoke Yiddish or something (I’m not very sure I heard that right) outside of her home. I felt sorry for her. She obviously was ashamed of who she was when she shouldn’t be.

  4. I live in Toronto – it’s trickier over here because the racism I experienced for the most part is not blatant. It’s more passive-aggressive and more on stupid comments like, “Oh you’re Filipino. You must be a nurse.” It’s enraging for sure… but then sometimes, I try my best to take a step back and look at the humour of idiocy.

    1. PS. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a nurse… what annoys me is being pegged for one thing or another because of my race.
      My mentioned experience though is not anywhere near terrible as yours.
      PS. I would’ve spoken to that dude in the your language and pretended not to know English… just to piss him off even more.

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