Uvas Canyon

This newfound attraction to exploring more of the Bay Area took me and hubby dearest to Uvas Canyon. Uvas is a lush wooded park that is every nature lover’s treat! It’s great for picnics, camping, hiking and photography enthusiasts. Plenty of sources on the internet suggested a quick day’s trip or camping for a few days in this area before the end of Spring as this is the best time to see all the waterfalls the park has to offer.

As opposed to the vast, open views the north bay hikes have to offer, the peninsula and south bay hikes are more secluded and serene that seems more like untouched beauty of nature at its best.

The park has an automated pay system that allows campers and day users to electronically pay the fees for the park with parking included. It has plenty of picnic spots that visitors can use with grills, fireplaces and flush toilets conveniently located. The drive to the park is itself like driving through a beautiful painting of an English countryside with green green meadows and a lot of cows and horses grazing on farms.

Uvas is thoughtfully planned. It has many over the water bridges that lets us get amidst nature reveling as you go on several trails that offers various views of the creeks and falls.

Majority of the roads to Uvas Canyon is well-maintained. Once inside the arch that leads to the park, the road gets extremely narrow sometimes making way for only one compact sized car. Thankfully, the amount of traffic does not call for a wider road. You will find park rangers going in and out of the park every now and then. Catch hold of one or head directly to the big informations board in the parking lot. That has a huge map of the area and plenty of booklets that present information on camping, hiking and specific trail maps.

Overall, this has been a weekend well-spent. Be sure to check out Uvas if you live or are in the area. It is 100% nature.


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