In love or addicted to HGTV?

When I moved to the States,there was this initial period where I was heavily smitten by the awesomeness of Food Network and religiously followed all of Rachael Ray’s and Ina Garten’s shows. Getting around to making their classic recipes is a totally different thing.

This year, I am awestruck by HGTV (Home & Garden Television).

On a random weekend, I sat down to watch a bit of tv and chanced upon this channel that had a show about helping buyers find the perfect property. Back in India, I loved watching such shows on Travel & Living and obviously had to watch this show that was playing on HGTV. And after about an hour when the show ended, I took my laptop assuming this was a weekly show and looked up timings when the next show started. And there it was “Curb Appeal”. That’s when I realized ( too dumb to even figure out that hg stood for home and garden)… that this was an entire channel dedicated to home and garden improvement.

That’s when the so-called addiction/love started. Everytime I turned on my tv to watch HGTV, I would end up watching it for 4 straight hours. The amount of ideas that flow in are too many that last weekend I seriously took my notepad and jotted down points.

A lot of people close to me know that I am probably the least organized person on Planet Earth. As teenagers, me and darling sis would quarrel a lot. And why? Because she always ended up cleaning my mess and I always ended up messing after she cleaned! And the struggle to be organized and clean continues. I have come a LONG way since my teenage days. Trust me. But never near perfect. And since watching HGTV, there is this sudden excruciating pain, commonly known as embarrassment, whenever I watch the dozens of perfectly planned and neatly organized homes.

Last weekend (surprisingly), my husband was watching HGTV first thing in the morning. As I woke up to make coffee for the 2 of us, I noticed they had a bunch of organizing shows on as compared to their other home designing shows. This was a little different than what I had watched before. So we both sat down and were hooked for the next few hours without any care for breakfast or lunch. And there it was again, EMBARRASSMENT. Kar got so frustrated looking at people’s homes that he started to clean what was already somewhat clean. The two of us took so many notes on how we could improve our own home and be organized.

The first achievement after watching the shows on Saturday is a clean home with lots and lots of space. Especially after last week’s kitchen cleaning spree and this week’s cleaning, our house looks near perfect. There is still a bunch of organizing we have had to do. But nothing that anyone will ever complain about. The mother certified so!


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