After a long hiatus in good cinema, there is finally a movie that is worth watching. Yes, I have enjoyed a lot of other movies in between recent years and until I saw Hugo by Martin Scorcese. But not one of those movies came close.

It’s been a long time since any movie has managed to tell a story that you would want to carry throughout your life. Dialogues and expressions blended together leaving no absurd gaps anywhere. The music composed for the movie is highly powerful, almost like a magic carpet that takes a person through the story. And every actor from Ben Kingsley himself to Sacha Baron Cohen who played the role of the station master did a very neat job. Especially the performance of child actor Asa Butterfield was unbelievable. Those innocent blue eyes and mature delivery — just perfect!

I know now that it isn’t lost. That there is still hope for movies that you will remember for a life time. Hugo is along the lines of a movie such as The Sound of Music or Benhur that you can never forget. A story well told and to be passed on for generations to come.


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