A piece of my legacy

Here we go again! My quest in becoming a proficient tamil cook continues and this journey is highly blessed with the guidance of amazing cooks like my mom who also passes on my paati’s wisdom, my sis, my mil and the millions of cooks on the internet. And how can I forget my lovely adorable husband who inspires me to cook different things? Thanks to his love for food and his compulsive need to perfect everything, I have the best live-in scapegoat who makes me better as I grow. So for this kind and loving scape goat, I decided to try out yet another recipe – a south indian classic that has many in my family drooling for more. And I also know that this is one of the best, he claims, recipes his mom has perfected. My mother-in-law was kind enough to pass it on to me and I am more than kind and caring enough for my fellow Indians to take a piece of our legacy through this blog for the sake of pride in upholding it.



1 cup idli rice

Kadalai paruppu and Toor Dal in such a way they make up for 3/4ths of a cup

5-6 red chillies




Soak rice and dals separately. After 45 mins, grind rice and chillies to a batter of idli batter consistency with a coarse texture.

Then grind the dals with some hing to a thick paste-ish batter. Mix both the batter and add salt to taste.

Make thick dosais on your pan and your adai is ready!

Suggestion: My mil suggested finely chopped onions/baby brinjal/ coriander garnish.


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