Me or Sophie Kinsella….

Two books of the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella loaned from the Martin Luther library & the Sunnyvale library and I end up shopping like every other sale in the city is the last one. Is it me or is it a coincidence? Now I know the people who know me fairly well would say it is probably just the “shopaholic” in me whom I banished quite a few years ago but just popped up for no reason.

I was reading Sophie Kinsella’s book one day. It was like any other day. The morning was bright. Birds chirping and my plants looking greener than ever. Until mid-afternoon when me and hubby dearest decide to have Thai food for lunch. On our way we both got the biggest shocks when we saw a guy waving a sign that said “BORDERS – Going out of business sale – Books and all fixtures – Everything needs to go – 80-90% off.” Being lovers of handheld books and the printed word, we were disappointed that Borders which was one of the leading bookstores in the USA was going out of business despite desperate efforts such as introducing the Kobo ebook reader to catch up with technology, was going out of business forever! Quoting Joey and the entire gang from the TV show Friends… “It’s like the end of an era”…

While we were having our lunch, I looked at Kar and said “Let’s go have a look… It’s going out of business and pretty soon we know Barnes & Noble will follow suit… if not in the same fashion considering their Nook is THE BEST EBOOK READER ….” And he smiled knowingly. That smile of his and I knew he knew I was more interested in shopping despite feeling bad about the closing of a nice bookstore.  He quipped, “Inurthanoda kashtom unnaku kushi”. We laughed and headed to the store to pick up anything that was left from the sale. Alas, the store was already pretty much stripped off and there were only a few books. I managed to pick up a few books and the girl at the billing counter told us this was the last but one Borders bookstore to close here in the Bay Area. That the Palo Alto Borders will be the last. So we headed to the Palo Alto store as well. I felt like a kid was left to take anything from the world of Narnia. It felt awesome. I shopped until I dropped. Literally! Kar even managed to get himself a cuppa’ while I was too excited to even notice he had gone to the nearest coffee shop to survive the shopping spree.

This week started like every other week. My weekdays were spent majorly in cleaning the house and cooking, of course (my 2nd love… ok I’m lying… one of the loves). We decided to drop off books at the library lest we wanted some “fine” reading. Near our parking lot, we saw a huge “Book Sale” sign. I looked at Kar and he rolled his eyes. He turned to me and there again, I received that knowing smile of his, “Why do these signs keep calling you?”. We dropped off the books. Even donated some books we didn’t want in our collection at the library. And I swore to Kar “Let’s just have a look and I swear if its not any good, we’ll get out”. We went and to my surprise, even Kar himself was excited with the sale. And guess what? I actually got a lot of CDs of songs I would record from the radio straight onto a tape back home (coz it was hard to get pocket money and the best way to have a copy was to rewrite on some of my mom’s teenage music collection). Stuff like Spice Girls, Savage Garden, No Doubt. All for a buck and under. I went berserk. We paid our bill and decided to drop off the next set of books at the Martin Luther library.

Guess what? The Martin Luther Library also had a huge sign outside the library near the Tully’s Coffee shop that said “Used Book Sale”. I did head to the patio at the back after dropping off the books. I guess God has his own ways of putting a stop to nonsense when it gets pretty irritating. They had finished the sale for the day and asked me to visit them tomorrow. I smiled and told Kar “I’m done. Can we go now??”. He was happy I had my share of fun these last few weeks. Everyone needs their own days of splurging and pampering. And days when it is ok to say “It is enough”. I finally said that to myself and my hubby who was patient with me the whole time letting me go crazy until I realized it for myself. And now it’s all good. I have a whole year’s supply of books to be read. It’s going to be atleast that much until I see these libraries again.  Or go SHOPPING!!!!


3 thoughts on “Me or Sophie Kinsella….

  1. Hi Dibs

    Beautifully written and the best part is there is a touch of humour running throughout which was most enjoyable. Your writing is like a smooth silk that one will finish it in one go. Absolutely fascinating to read and feel that you should be writing more than spending time on reading those books.

    A suggestion – Please do remember to give the English translation for the Tamil words whenever used as this will help all the International readers.:)

    With loads of Blessings – Mom

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