Scribd to the Barefoot Contessa

I absolutely absolutely love Ina Garten. She makes the art of cooking so simple, wholesome and most importantly, homely. Unlike other celebrity chefs who smear on 5 kgs of makeup with microscopic care on manipedi’d nails – toes & hands, Ina is all about getting some good food cooked on the table while not worrying about getting hands sticky with dough or having to wear clothes that make her look thinner or whatever. She is all about the cooking. And all about fresh cooking. All about tipping people on getting the most of your garden (which is downright practical) than some dumb chef advising viewers to invest in an herb plant that costs you hundreds of bucks and sprout every 1 year. Garten caters to people who are beginners and experts. That helps retain the whole charm of her show which makes her cooking lovely to watch and practise at home.

I recently found this document on Scribd with all her recipes. Do check them out. I love them. I’m sure you will too!

Barefoot Contessa How easy is that?


One thought on “Scribd to the Barefoot Contessa

  1. The first time I watched Ina Garten was when I was in labor with Vishruth:)) @ the hospital. She has a very nice way of cooking and presentation and makes u feel that she is ur neighbor from next door. I also liked Giada’s show and Alton Brown’s show. I take their recipes and substitute them with veggies instead.

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