Purifying my body and soul through Yoga

A few years ago, I used to practice Yoga everyday for 45 mins to an hour as a part of a program at my bschool.What started off as a class soon became a part of my routine which eventually got discontinued when I came back to Chennai and began to work. The hustle and bustle of the city life caught up and I dumped the art of practising Yoga for more unhealthier habits and lifestyle. Today after 3-4 years, I went online and looked up modern exercise videos such as the Pilates and Zumba when suddenly I came across Yoga videos which instantly clicked that part of me alive back again. I realised in a blink that it was that something that used to make me feel so good. Yoga gave me not only good skin, clear face and clean health. It instilled and boosted confidence levels, kept me active throughout the day and the best of all, made me feel light throughout ending the day with a sound sleep. What a lot of people don’t get is that Yoga is NOT about losing weight. It is about keeping yourself active, alert and attractive. Yes, ATTRACTIVE. Try Yoga for a week and you will see a huge difference in your face. Your face gains more clarity and you never look tired.

Anyway, after bumping into this Hatha Yoga Video, I realized that this is something I definitely want back on my routine. Back in the undergraduation days, I used to go on looooooong walks everyday. Walked nearly 10 kms every single day for about 2 years. I used to feel super light and was always healthy. Sometimes it may seem ridiculous to be exercising so much (strictly from the POV of non-exercisers), but trust me, exercising does keep you physically and mentally active. Kar is always harping on how even a 30-min walk which I used to do back then during our 6 month engagement period was not enough for someone my age. He was always telling me that it was never about losing weight and it is more to do with keeping myself physically fit. I never understood why he was so concerned but now when I think about it, I realise that back then all the walking and yoga was done with my friends. So I never felt the pain and ever under-motivated. I was always in the mood for exercise and now understand that self-motivation is the something I completely lack.

This video on Youtube lasts for 43 mins. Trust me, even though it’s not exactly the same yoga I used to do back then. It is still something good. After those 43 mins, I can tell you I definitely feel better, breathe better and feel light. Most importantly, can feel the blood flowing throughout my body like a boost in circulation. It feels great. I am definitely making this an essential part of my routine. Thanks Yogayak!

Here’s the link to Yogayak’s channel.



One thought on “Purifying my body and soul through Yoga

  1. Dear Divya

    Happy yoga – yogam adikkaruthu good keep fit and be happy doing looooonnnnggg walks!!

    Love and kisses

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