Long time pending!

Something I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time. To blog.

Ever since December 2010, it has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride with gazillion things racing past, flipping the pages of my life so fast, making it hard to decide where to start. Well this particular phase of the on-going journey has been quite interesting. So many events, emotions, places…. And a new lease of life. Where one day I was living with a steady job (one that I loved absolutely) and then the next I’m calling another place my home and the people in it my parents. Weird, weird… Just weird. I’m definitely not going to be all sugary and honey-coated in saying I loved and looked forward to and welcomed the change. I  enjoyed the change despite all the terrible, mixed and earth-quakey confusions that were bustling inside my head just before the wedding. Despite the horrible horrible encounters with probably and possibly the most lethargic government office in India. Despite the many postponed departure dates. Yes, I loved it all. And now am as dandy and happy as I can be with huge surprises in a country I thought I could never love.

If you have been following my blog over the past 6 months, you would have known that there were multiple posts reiterating the same fact that I was confused, afraid and loose motion-ish about getting married and moving in with him. However adorable that person may be, I was petrified about the upcoming change that at the time I feared, the change would flip out my lifestyle drastically. And now can happily say that I’m happy and finding it all just the same.

December was a super duper month. It came with all the things I was looking forward to and also had things I really found difficult to face. December brought Rat and Ram to India. The couple came towards the end of December as my Christmas gift. And made it very difficult for me to concentrate on work. I bet my boss must have been unhappy about the sudden diversion of focus even though she was happy about the wedding. Quitting that job which was dear to my heart was quite sad. I miss my other family @ Randstad. This was probably the most difficult thing I had to face besides the difficult step of leaving my parents to be with someone new (even though we had spent 6 solid months on Skype every single day, living with that someone is definitely something new) and in a new place (one that I almost hated with all my heart).

However this did not stop all the wedding fun. Our family had cousins and relatives flying to India for the wedding. People within and outside. People excitedly shopping for the wedding … possibly more than the bride or groom-to-be were able to. There were so many get togethers. So many photo sessions. Sweets. Innumerable outings. That month was absolutely rocking. And then came January which was the icing on the cake. If December was the pre-wedding fun time, Jan was the main wedding fun period – for the main reason that Kar returned. I met him after 6 solid months. 6 months of emotional dehydration. It felt like water in the middle of the desert. I was soooooooooo happy to see him again. Besides that, January was booked with so many appointments to meet people, meet tailors, meet caterers and then there was shopping and shopping and shopping. And then we dropped! 🙂 Everyone was super ecstatic. Me and the Kiwis still managed to make time for a game of carrom or cards or places every single day without fail. I even squeezed time for the usual chit chat with my angry bird.

Some of the reasons why I loved my wedding (other than the obvious reason that it was my wedding)…. I loved it for its simplicity among all the grandeur. Loved it for the fact that there were so many round table aratai arangams that happened even at the nick of Muhurtham (even though I missed being a part of it and was infront of the wedding fire)… Loved it for the out-of-the-way enthusiasm sported by the regular guys and then the unexpected and unusual ones…. Loved it for a bit of drama like every other wedding in the midst of all happiness… And then for the well-ventilated Ethiraj Kalyana Mandapam which has the whole family wedding feel to it rather than a commercialized one. And oh yes, the final Kumi dance which I think we all loved.

The day prior to the wedding was total fun … I was made up, decked up like a plastic doll…. The make up was like a thick layer of strawberry-raspberry-plum cake on my face and the blouses stitched for the previous day’s engagement was gawky and snapped at a place which was luckily concealable. Thanks to the over decorated Jadai ( which I cursed up until that point). After the engagement was the namaskaram sessions which was forced upon us by many elders of both families in a cheeky fashion… Despite the heavy load of whatever (rice maybe, pulses maybe, flowers maybe, fruits maybe)…. Despite that and the garlands which were supposed to be light added on to the weight because of the load tied to the saree in the front. We had fun! The food, needless to say, Chellappa always rocked. I don’t think there is any other caterer in Chennai who can churn menus that are so wholesome, nutritious and tasty than Chellappa’s. His people are also very friendly attending to our every need. So basically everything about the wedding was phenomenal. A moment I will remember for a lifetime and one I’m sure to make a story to tell for the generations to come. The wedding went off in a beautiful flash. Everyone was happy at the end of the day and there were a lot of comments on the grandeur of the wedding.

The wedding was followed by a series of trips starting from the honeymoon at God’s own country, Kerala to many small towns in the heart of Tamil Nadu (Chidambaram, Kar’s native village – Kumaratchi and many others) and a small trip to the Yelagiri Hills as a surprise to Kar’s parents on their wedding anniversary. These days are truly unforgettable. The honeymoon helped me bond with Kar and of course the bulk of the catching up and 6 months of emotional logging that was cleared. The Yelagiri Hills was a pleasant surprise and it definitely helped me bond with his family and feel happy amidst their warmth and friendliness. The small towns trips was a huge bonding for both families and helped me touch base with my religion. I felt calm and composed throughout. I also loved visiting his native village. Felt more closer to him after learning about their way of life back then when they lived in the village and how Kar’s love for potato curry (the way his grandmother makes) began as a child.

Following these wonderful days was the biggest bombshell ever. My visa was approved after which my passport got rejected owing to a small piece of plastic peeling off. That just sucked and began a series of events I can never ever forget. It brought into light the harsh reality that the old lethargic government offices still do exist. That our government officials are not entirely changed and responsible. That there are still offices which underpay their employees. Which are under equipped. Which suck the living life out of everyone! Trust me on this. I went from heaven to hell in a short span of 20 days  – delayed to leave the country by 10 days which in turn delayed Kar’s rejoining of work by ten. The emotional trauma of when I would receive my passport only to find that the papers were in the exact same place we had left them. Sick of hearing the same old shit “You will receive it 2 days”. Sick of sending millions of smses to the passport office website only to receive “Not processed” or “Under process”. We understood why bribery breeds heavily in our country. That is the only way as long there are fucked up government offices like the passport office where corruption is the rule for all. So after a lot of haggling with various officials on what we deserved to get, I received my passport only to be told by my super duper sub-urban postoffice that they were closed for an extra 2 days due to a religious festival and that it would take 2 days to transfer an envelope from one freaking post office to the next office which is about less than a km away. So after a lot of running around here and there we went to the immigration only to be told that they would be closed for 4 solid days – one for president’s day and one for admin day (whatever that is) and two for the weekend in between. By now I was sapped off all energy, confidence, life, happiness and was filled with hatred and dejection beyond anything tough I have faced, feeling absolutely cheated.  I received the visa after many postponed departure dates ( so many in the hope that we would get the visa stamped and sent soon).

We landed in Sunnyvale after rushed goodbyes on the 25th of February. Surprisingly, this place reminds me a lot of Auckland except for the blue blue New Zealand blue skies and short buildings. Funny I am actually enjoying life even though there is too much concrete around. Must be the hills surrounding the area that gives it the scenic touch… Whatever it is that I am experiencing, it has been so far so good. There is still lots more to put down. Think I will space it out and put them down in the next one. Until then, adios!





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