Just when you thought everything was going right, something or the other has to crop up blocking your every step making it impossible to build room for progress. And when it deals with national authorities who screw up your routine mundane life thereby creating ways to breed atrocious levels of laziness, it’s bloody pissing off. Personal requests, by-passing, straightforward channels don’t work. They are just lazy and don’t care.

With lethargic expressions and body languages that exhale great amounts of fury at the way the government functions with dangling unjust pay scales and crumbling infrastructure, there is no way anyone can get them to understand that sometimes people just want hiccup-free lives especially when they ought to be focusing on other important things.

I am clueless about my departure date. My husband is stuck here for as long as I’m here. I haven’t even begun the laborious planning of my departure – what to pack, what to buy. I like to be organized sometimes. And definitely love specific information on my travel itinerary. Being unable to plan because some lazy officer decided to take a rain check on his paid-for duties, I have to suffer.

The running around for a hundred things, the meeting of a hundred unknown faces and the preparing for hundreds of documents I may never need after this and the list goes on. These are the times when I really wished we had bigger lands and better overall planning to help every single person in the country. If things are pathetic even in the so-called faster routes, I can perfectly imagine how it must be for the common man who takes the normal route wasting precious hours and moments, possibly losing them for good.

The Indian Government needs a drastic change and learn to enforce some procedures and systems in place. We found freedom to breed a nation that is awe-inspiring for everyone out there and not be the best of examples for lands that breed the most laziness. Hoping for the best.


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