I have never really believed in making resolutions on the eve of every new year. Even though I find the tradition very commendable, I have always found it hard to stick to resolutions and ensure I seek to achieve what I have taken up for that particular year.

It is quite interesting when I see and read about resolutions that others take… And even more interesting in analyzing how far away they are from achieving their targets for the year. Like most human beings, I love to criticize. I’m open to give out my opinion free without inhibitions. And like every other human being, I absolutely detest it when people tell me where I’m going wrong or what changes I should be making in my life.

So this year I have decided to give it another chance but with an amendment to the entire art of making new year resolutions. I will think and reveal one resolution every week. This, of course, I believe would be a lot more sensibler and practical in the path towards realization of my yearly goals.

Let’s see… my first resolution for the year is related to something that is long-time pending. I have intended to do this but never gotten around to it in a full-fledged manner.

Resolution #1: To read 50 books this year (I will reveal the list shortly. I’m working on it. Once I’m done collating, I will try posting it by the end of this week when I reveal Resolution #2)

Why books? Because over the past one year, I have managed to somehow buy a LOT of books that seemed interesting or ones that have gotten amazing reviews or ones that have been highly recommended by someone or the other. The best part is I have never been able to read them. It always seems to get stuck at page 14 or page 10. Never past that! So this year’s first resolution would be read atleast 50 books. And 50 books I have been meaning to read for a very long time.

Rest in Next!


2 thoughts on “Re-solution

  1. Cool idea! I want to see you sticking to it and succeeding. Important to note that this is not just weekly goals, but yearly goals disclosed weekly. Let me explore too…

  2. @ SV Ramu…absolutely well said…I’d like to see it too…
    I bet its going to be hard to list a resolution each week leave alone keep up the resolution and track how one is progressing….
    But good luck w/ that …if u think you can pull that off…

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