The American Meenakshi Ammal

I’m sure Tamilians across the world (especially TamBrams) would agree with me when I say that Meenakshi Ammal is the mother of Tamil Iyer food. And it is definitely a boon, a blessing and a life saver to all Tamil Iyers. Especially to those who love cooking and the ones eager to venture beyond our mother’s food.

So for someone who is still in the process of learning to cook and to cook well, I had taken this affinity towards French cooking. Those who follow my blog will know I have been trying french recipes on and off over the past one year. And I decided to do a little research on French cookbook authors when I suddenly remembered one day that there was a recent movie called Julie and Julia which talks about a French cookbook author and the challenges of cooking all of her recipes in 365 days. Now I’m definitely not taking that one up as we are strict vegetarians at home. Although owning a copy of Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking was on my mind and I was recently gifted an ebook.

Mastering the Art of French cooking – Just wow. This book not only teaches you french cooking. But starts from the basics. The kinds of kitchen equipment to use, how to cut, how to dice, how to chop, how to hold your knife. Just brilliant. And I totally agree with Julia Child – Anyone can cook. This book is certainly a blessing especially for people like me who hail from other cultures where global cuisine terminologies are not our cup of tea. And I always see myself scrambling around Google to understand techniques and methods.

Mastering the Art of French Cooking is a must to all those who love French food and are looking to cook french food. It is indeed a blessing.


One thought on “The American Meenakshi Ammal

  1. Meenakshi ammal’s avatar….the otherside of the world hehe…good one Div..especially since I am here…most eagerly awaiting to sample the ‘joie de french cooking” …

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