Days of our lives

Suddenly life seems important. There is so much happening around me. It is super hard to grasp everything and yes, this feels worse than math. How I wish I could catch all these moments like fireflies in a jar and save to live them one at a time.

With only 5 days to go before my sister comes in the modern sleigh with her husband, I feel the frequencies of my excitement suppressing itself from blaring away to glory.

I can barely concentrate at work. The holiday mood has set in.I find myself focusing more on what to do when my sister comes – where to take her, what to buy for her, what to eat, what to cook, movies to watch….. Ahhh there is so much to do and time that will vanish like vapour.

With only one and a half weeks of notice period to serve at work, I feel like one of those school kids finding it difficult and restless to make it through that one final exam. I am going to miss my workplace. True. But what I have in store for me the next two months especially is super duper exciting and I can’t wait!! This is indeed sweet torture.

Thank you God for these wonderful days.

Days like these that make life a very interesting journey.

Days like these that express reason for living.

Days like these that make life a celebration.


2 thoughts on “Days of our lives

  1. Hey Div…one of ur best blogs eva…especially since I have been mentioned 😀 lol..but I should say the line “…blaring away to glory” didn’t make sense immediately..but I finally figured it out that it was the sound frequency u were referring to…and i love the pics …simply superb…

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