This twist is the finest of them all

I am currently reading the second book of the Twilight Series – New Moon.

This book is different, weird and I hate the fact that I’m liking it coz’ Bella is getting closer to Jacob Black making Edward nothing but a distinct, distant memory.

Stephenie Meyer is a brilliant writer.

I’m at present on Page 258. The page ends with the twist to this book and let me tell you, twists occur in every story. But the kind of twist Steph brought in this one…. I have no words that can truly justify the way she has put across the swift, story-altering change in just one single line when Bella discovers Jacob Black’s orientation.

This is the powerful line that has made me pause reading the book to blog about its mind-blowing intensity.

“The whole world lurched, tilting the wrong way on its axis”

God, I am starting to like Jacob Black. But I don’t want to forget Edward either. Edward was my first love…. How am I supposed to move on???!!!


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