Edward after Ferrars???

I was just going through Stephenie Meyer’s official website…. And right there on the homepage was the story behind the evolution of the Twilight Series…

After the 1st book, Twilight, I have been so smitten with her writing that I wished why we did not have books like the Twilight series as a part of english literature in high schools…

Anyway, Stephenie tells in her story behind Twilight that the character Edward was named after one of my all-time favourite characters, Edward Ferrars from Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. Like every Twilight fan, I have also fallen in love with Edward’s character… But after reading that the name was given after the character Ferrars, I realize why I always felt the character was a lot similar to Mr. Ferrars from Austen’s.

Stephenie, now I only love you more for naming the vampire sweetheart after Ferrars… And as for Edward, I have fallen in love all over again with not just Edward Ferrars but also Edward Cullen…. Muahhhhhh!!!

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2 thoughts on “Edward after Ferrars???

  1. somehow edward lost his charm x eclipse….he didnt have the same vivacity of jacob…am on the dogs side…
    imagine this in real world….keep bella’s feelings aside, and treat bella like an avg girl…a guy visiting her w/o her knowledge has the semblance of a stalker and being equally obsessed and all…. perhaps unhealthy too…
    but hey i am cool w/ the crazy stuff so long as it belongs to the written word not in real life… ….teeheehee

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