The Magnificent Win

Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians final IPL match was one of the best IPL matches ever played and I enjoyed every shot till the end. Right from Raina’s dangerous sixes to Pollard’s almost stolen victory from the Chennai Super Kings, this match was one that totally rocked. Not such a big fan of sports, but this one was completely entertaining and fulfilled the dream of every Chennaiite and to those of you who utterly hate Gavaskar’s mockery, I hope you had a good laugh!

Chennai Super Kings Team
Image by SJ Jagadeesh via Flickr

The Chennai team players came together and worked magic. Yes, there was plenty of ups and downs. The downs left me cursing with personal regard on Twitter. Speaking of Twitter, it had the most vibrant and enthusiastic members tweeting their emotions and opinions by the second. It was witty, sensible and discussed only what people wanted to read. For the extra special energy flooded in online forums and mobile apps by Chennaiites from various parts of the world, kudos to you all! We may have not been physically present, but our hearts were truly with our Chennai Super Kings.

And to pick my most favourite moment in the IPL Final Match between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians, I would have to say was the ‘one-legged catch’.


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4 thoughts on “The Magnificent Win

  1. Ya it was an unbelievable victory by a team that was considered an underdog in this year’s IPL. Dhoni and his gang yet again prove that nothing is impossible as long as you remain positive even in losing situations and maintain a cool attitude under pressure in the Finals where it matters. Mumbai did remarkably well this season if not even better than Chennai but THIS is what separates the great players like Sachin who hold the records and the absolute champions like Dhoni who perform at crucial times as if it were any other match.

    Well done CSK and congrats on winning IPL and what more doing it with class by winning the Team Fairplay Award this year as well 😉

  2. Hi Dibs
    Your Blog entry on the Final match played between the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings was as charged and electrifying as the match itself. At a point of time I truly thought that Pollard was snatching the game from our boys when Hayden caught a brilliant catch. Catches win Matches – Raina’s skip hop jump and almost touching the ground catch proved that they are the Super Kings. oooohoooo!!!!!

  3. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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