62nd is on its way…

On April 11, 2010 – We celebrated Dad’s birthday. This year was a memorable birthday for Dad as Mom had planned something extraordinary and unique to make his 61st year a memorable one.

* Picture is a bit hazy cos’ it was taken in Skype – COURTESY: Rathi Ramamoorthy*

Her idea : 60 gifts for the 60 years.

Pretty awesome, eh?

We got him a nice blackcurrant vanilla cake (which btw, was super yummy *mouth drools*) and planned a surprise visit by Kala Raja anddddddddd got Rathi and Ram to come on Skype so we could celebrate Dad’s birthday virtually as well.

With super cool decorations and mind blowing 60 presents, Dad’s birthday was the most sweetest and coolest of all!

Here’s a picture of the super yummy cake! 😀

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2 thoughts on “62nd is on its way…

  1. Definitely Rams Birthday was made the most memorable one by you Divya.The whole credit goes to you for the quick thinking of bringing Rats and Ram on Skype . Virtually it gave us a wonderful feeling of being together. Nice pics. Thanks for the blog entry.

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