Not so guilty anymore

Lately, I have taken this liking to ‘Wai Wai’ noodles. Although not a big fan of instant noodles, Wai Wai is definitely tasty and great to beat the hunger pangs especially at odd hours of the day.

Wai Wai Noodles
Image by akanekal via Flickr

When I told my mother of my love for ‘Wai Wai’ noodles manufactured by Chaudhary Group, she told me it was a temptation that could seriously damage my weight loss routine and not to forget, the hale and healthy liver of mine.

I felt so sad coz everything that tasted great came with a dent. So I decided to put the remaining packets away in the cupboard to avoid eating them until I was ready to do so, when I took a packet of ‘Wai Wai’ and started to read the ingredients used in ‘Wai Wai’ and to my greatest surprise, these noodles are made of Wheat, a very healthy ingredient.

I rushed to my mom and told her “Now nothing can stop me. Wai Wai is made of wheat which makes it ok for me to consume these packs of delicious Nepali noodles at any time of the day!”

During my visit to Rat’s place, she introduced me to another amazing food concept – Indo Mie’s Mi Goreng.

Front view of a packet of Indomie 'Original' M...
Image via Wikipedia


Wow, wow, WOW!

Just brilliant. Like you hear in most tv commercials, I could hear myself saying aloud in my mind,

“Mi Goreng irukka bayamennn”.

So here is a post dedicated to the most amazing snack foods of all time. 😀

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3 thoughts on “Not so guilty anymore

  1. Indo mie, aww I remember. While the world called it Mi Goreng, you used to ask for Indo Mie.You crazy gurl!!! Btw do u remember Shin Ramyun…that spicy one???
    Miss u di!!!

  2. ”I felt so sad coz everything that tasted great came with a dent.” What a beautiful and meaningful line. Superb Dibs.

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