It’s Hot!!

This is not the first nor the last post any of you will ever be reading about the “hot” weather of Chennai city. Or shall I say Madras. This year like all other years continues to be hot and the temperatures seem to be increasing day by day leaving us no choice but to treat this place as the world’s worst tropical desert.

The Agasthiyamalai range of the western ghats ...
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It’s not only hot … there is hardly place in Chennai that lets you cool down for the summer. It is CROWDED everywhere… the places are irritating with maddening traffic and people. And to top it all, vendors setting up shops illegally on streets to make the most of the summer.

But what makes Madras special despite its ‘haughty’ weather?? It’s the way people still want to ‘beat’ the heat and try harder to keep themselves active and thriving. So what if it is 50 degrees outside? You will still want that hot cup of filter coffee in the morning. You never get tired of your soodana rasam. And your love for baths only doubles during the peak of summer in Madras.

Filter Coffee
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Ultimately, it does not matter if its 50 or 15… I still love my hometown Madras/Chennai/Chennapattinam. Call it whatever. It stills keep me happy and alive. It feels familiar. I will ALWAYS feel comfortable in this place. I know my ways around here. And I’ve got everyone I need right here in this very city. Well, almost 🙂

PS: Do not forget to take a glass of lassi one at the start and end of this post. Thank You.

makhania lassi
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One thought on “It’s Hot!!

  1. Lassi at the start and end of the post… indirectly you want your readers to grab a glass of lassi and come back again and drink lassi read your post from the start and drink again at the end of the post??? Thats a good camouflage Divya!!!

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