And the French Riviera flows…

So, this is my second day of trying something french. Again resorting to simple, something elegant, I decide to make a basic French Omelette.

Being the egg-lover, I wanted to make something with my favourite ingredient – eggs. I take pride in the omelettes I make. Especially the ones I make with Green pepper and Purple Onions. They are my hot favourite.

Anyway.. continuing with my love for anything french, I make a simple, basic french omelette. All I can say is the French are definite foodies. They love their food. They love to eat a perfect blend of all ingredients. And they love to make things simple look grand.

French Omelette

Here is my recipe for French Omelette.


2 eggs

1 tbsp milk



1 tbsp butter

shredded cheese


Beat eggs with milk. Melt butter in pan. Pour eggs into pan and lift sides of the omelette to let the uncooked egg yolk flow underneath to allow them to set. After a minute, sprinkle shredded cheese over one half of the omelette and fold the other half onto it and cook for an extra few seconds.

Additional: You can use extra ingredients to make an interesting version of the French Omelette.

Voila! Your french omelette is ready.


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