And finally…

After two weeks of being alone, watching the non-movement in the house, staring at walls, observing the tiniest of cracks in the paint, I can finally start breathing again. With folks back in town in 3 hours to be exact, this has got to be the most funnest day of my life! I have missed them dearly. It sucks having to live alone and not have anyone you can share your misery with 😛 LOL…. The two weeks have made me realize how I hate to live alone. And of course, hoew there is the ever-increasing appreciation for being part of a wonderful family :)…

This week is going to be another stretch of searching for decent jobs that let me do what I want and @ the same time give me the kind of money that is decent enough for me to pay off my bills.  Hoping to land on something soon!

Bye for now.


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