The ‘Mmm’ in my Belly

2 weeks of independence, or should I say, loneliness 😦

* Sigh *

2 weeks of reliving key skills and talent acquired over the period of 2 years I lived in Bangalore plus the genetically blessed culinary wand that makes my stomach sing the “Satiated” song after every self-cooked meal.

I have realized that I still have it in me to cook well…

Discover unique recipes…

Invent tangy ‘n’ tasty recipes that satisfies the stomach’s growling hunger.

Let’s see …. I made this extremely easy Rasam, Palkova for my parent’s wedding anniversary, juices and different curries during these two weeks… And I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

The best part about these two weeks is that I got to do it all by myself without mom’s “Acho Paavume… Naa idha narikki tharen…..” charity-for-blood favors that sometimes do not give you the full freedom to make the dish your way.

Although I must thank Amma for her expert help over a phone call on how to make soft Kanchipuram-like idlis. They came out well…

I have also been making time for a long-lost hobby — reading books…. So yes, I’m finally joining the Twilight group… Reading the first part… Will reserve comments for later….

The whole independent thing is awesome but I miss my family 😦


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