Budget – Surprises and Shocks

A recap of the budget …

– Yays all over the Indian banking scene…. Banking licenses to NBFCs

– Tax payers can now breathe …. Slabs look much better with no tax upto  a lakh and 60k rupees for men and a lakh and 90k rupees for women.

10% for 5 lakh

20% for 8 lakh and 30% for the high income group.

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said the proposal  of a reduced tax slab will benefit nearly 60% of tax payers.

46% of a sizeable part of the budget has been allocated towards urban and rural development, education and healthcare.

The only matter of concern is the increase in fuel prices. So a lot of thumbs down in that segment.

On the whole, this year’s budget gets a good, green and generous thumbsup! Yay!!!


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