Burrpilicious @ Mumbai Food Junction, Nandambakkam

Mumbai food Junction gives you “Authentic Street-Fav Mumbai Food in a contemporary, glam yet bollywoodish setup”. It is the “Burrrrr”pect hangout if one is starved for good, easy-on-the-pocket eatouts in and around the Nandambakkam area. Diagonally opposite the Chennai Trade Centre, MFJ gives you the perfect blend of Aamchi Mumbai, Singara Chennai, Chunky Chinese and hot from the aromas of Italy – a range of super delicious coffees and tea. What’s missing? MFJ has everything a hot and happening eatout should have except for the surrounding location which is still not used to the concept of hangouts and eatouts.

With a parched land of absolutely no hangouts except for a Dominos Pizza, MFJ is definitely a blessing to the residents in and around this boring industrial-IT-residential location. It’s hard to miss. With helpful signage boards and easy access to its food court, MFJ is just perfect for the fast eatout or for spending a lazy afternoon hanging out with friends.

I love Mumbai Food Junction.

The Vada Pav is a must-have. Takes you back to the roadside stalls of Mumbai.

 I recommend and rate it 4/5.


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