The Legendary Fall

Supple brown skin with wisdom in every fold

Majestic the walk and talk

That birthed and shaped every author’s mould

Inspiration you exhaled through every word’s essence

Exultation we felt when you were in our presence

Long were the hours we listened to your narration

Of delegates and aristocrats you spoke of in your oration

The pen we longed to see sweep across your paper

Hand and mind debating to give the end now or later

Editors and Arbiters hawking at the pearly gates

To judge you so they could try to fudge you

The indelible work of yours in every way

20th of Jan, 20 more days to go

For that fateful night when everything had gone but right

Unforgettable a night that it was,

Every arbiter and editor were no longer your foes

Admiration and Pride was all we felt

On that fateful night to see it all melt

How can I digest the way you left?

Fleeted off like your anger away from our sight

More than a grandfather or a father,

You were a friend

Who inspired us to do things and never quit until the end

Thatha, I long to see your pen stroke the paper again

To stand by your side

My face feeling your greatness in your every stride

Though it is still hard for me to believe

10th year running since your ashes were part of the sea

I love you Thatha for everything you have been

A Grandfather

A Father

A Journalist

A Patriot

Sacred to my pride you will always be

Until the tide washes me by…

To You I dedicate “The Legendary Fall” – Love you Thatha… In memory of the fateful night you collapsed on stage fulfilling your every dream till the end. Miss you.


11 thoughts on “The Legendary Fall

  1. Well written! I like your style! It is simple, yet deep and understanding. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Brilliant work Divvy..The words you choose perfectly describes Savi thatta.
    After reading the poem I could feel the loss you have been through..

  3. Well Written… You keep the reader interested right from the start wondering whom are you referring to in the poem. Allowing the reader to fill his thoughts with all possible Idols he can think fits the description.. finally showing him the truth…
    Very interesting… Liked it a lot..
    Keep it up…

  4. Vizlundha adi innum valikkiradhu
    Vilzundha vari innum inikkiradhu
    Divyaavin elzuthaal
    Vilzundhavar elzundhvara
    Saavidam Savi ketppaar,
    Vandhu vaayaarap paaraatta.

  5. Words are not coming as my throat is blocked and choked with tears Every single word brought out my father’s figure live and clear Bringing back the memories so vivid and fresh
    Longing to see him but he left us in a rush

    What an apt Title?
    Divya this is a beautiful dedication by you to Thatha that has made me proud.I am sure Thatha’s Blessings are there for you always .I would cherish this poem until the Tide washes me by….
    Thanks Mom

  6. A very lovely poem and equally excellent commendable adulation from
    both of you on Thatha. SAVI – he was a very versatile and cast magic
    spell as a beautiful outstanding writer; some of qualities undoubtedly
    has come down like a silver streak lining in a flowing stream into both
    of you. We all were fortunate living in the contemporary period of his
    monumental success and achievements in the whole span of his life
    carved, worked and achieved all by himself. A whole lot of lovely
    memories came flashing through of some of the finest moments together
    in travel and visits. Keep it up!!!

  7. Hi Divvy
    An emotionally evocative poem captured w/ poignance and valour. My mind did a rerun of not just 20-01-2001 but also earlier happy days.
    It took me back to the Annanagar days when we played under the Gulmohar tree and I used to peep through the grill from time to time to see if thatha was still sitting there! I remembered thatha sitting out in the front verandah and writing on his trusty palagai with a dust bin filled with his rejected work and the sack of postcards from so many readers sitting by him. And Jaanas bringing him filter coffee in an eversilver tumbler.
    And the way he used to lean on the chair and look out the front, lost in thoughts, and the way he put his fingers to his temples on one hand while the other rested on the arm of the chair, closed his eyes and went into a different world of thinking imagining & creating…
    It was so inspiring to even watch him at work with such meticulous handwriting and his penchant for orderly work.
    It also reminded me of how he used to underline some words on books in pencils to look it up in a dictionary and sometimes even write the meaning by the words.
    On the whole, your poem had the power to restore a dusty and faded painting in the corners of my mind.
    Love you more for this.

  8. Hey Divya,

    The things which can be expressed in the words of thought is what we call an inspiration which keeps you right ahead of the things happening in and around,Thats what exactly you have captured and maintained that flow which takes you to a different world filled with the joy and happiness which happens to be the most crucial in ones life,The things which you have highlighted is very simple but carries out in depth meaning to it,To be more precise good composition with the heart and soul with it !!!!! It even reminds me of my Grandpa who was a journalist and would write dictionaries as well in English-Kannada versions!!!

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