My short-lived relationships with Electronic devices

A month after I repaired my laptop, my external hard drive crashed. Seagate’s customer service is pathetic in every way. Firstly, they connect you to a call center in Singapore. How am I supposed to understand the Singaporean English Accent when I find it difficult to understand the Indian one in the first place? All I could hear was a lot of wheezing noise as the 5 different customer representatives tried to tell me what to do!

After a lot of struggle and battling with my ears and phone volume, I understood that I am not eligible (again!!!) for warranty in India as the hard drive was purchased in New Zealand (Screw you, Seagate!!!) I was NOT informed that my product was under limited warranty. International warranty supposedly is given only on demand …What is that about?!!!  Anyway, now I would have to send my drive to Auckland all the way or to some shitty south-east asian country to get my drive checked. Reason Seagate gives me for not allowing the Indian contact center to repair devices is that India is known for its black market. That is the bull crap they give customers for their inefficiency in differentiating their own products…..


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