Information regarding HP laptop warranty in India

I had recently given my laptop to the HP service centre in Peters Road for complete service. HP service centre in Chennai unlike the service centre in Bangalore is very friendly and keeps you UPDATED. Two things every customer wants from every service provider.

I hate going to a service centre that gives irresponsible answers with the most ridiculously languid expressions. The service centre in Chennai understands that Indians are still not out of the cracked version software mode where almost every customer who walks in definitely possesses some third-party software on their desktops or laptops.

Apparently, using media players like VLC, KM and other third-party players of this type will not make you eligible to get your sound drivers repaired within warranty. Instead, drivers crashing on laptops that use third-party media players are always repaired out-of-warranty.

So those of you who are using VLC, use it at your own risk. However,  I did pose the question that legal players such as windows media player and real player do not allow you to play all file types, so which player are we supposed to resort to? There is a media player brought out by codec that lets you play all file types available on the planet. I have still not tried it. Do let me know if it works!


8 thoughts on “Information regarding HP laptop warranty in India

  1. I bought an Acer Timeline 4810T a month ago and its really doing well.The good thing about Acer is that they give us the choice of selecting features, which we require and not thrown at us and that too, at affordable price. I think, where Acer scores over other laptops is more value for money.

    There are many that will swear by their Acer laptop computers and this is amply evident when you come across a great many advertisements expounding on the virtues of such laptops. However, it is not such a good idea to go by advertising claims alone and it is also necessary to first check out different manufacturers and sees what’s on offer before making a considered decision. It should give you peace of mind that Acer is a worldwide company and it is known for providing practical and first-rate solutions for the marketplace. For this reason it will be worthwhile to consider an Acer Timeline.

  2. Hi Sarin,

    I have heard that Acer laptops are affordable high-quality laptops. Good to know that Acer works for you. As for my HP, I have absolutely no complaints as it serves my purpose. My HP laptop can literally be compared to a brick meaning it is so durable that any physical blow to the laptop does not damage it. Its sturdy and meant for rough use and that is exactly what I want in my laptop.

  3. You can uninstall every player/third party software before giving it to them 🙂
    But yeah, they have a decent service network: it’s only because they’re products fail more often!

  4. Hey Ram.. I just didn’t realize using free softwares available on the net could make you ineligible for warranty…. * Sigh * My laptop’s anyway crumbling to pieces 😦

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