Chocolate ‘Doom’

A few weeks back, I went to Chocolate Room, the famous hot chocolate shop which has recently opened a branch in Velachery, Chennai. Ambience was pretty nice. Comfy couches, low tables, a good collection of magazines (especially the gossip ones which people would love to read any day in a restaurant!!!) and awesome staff. Everything was basically going great. The experience was more than what I had expected until the hot white chocolate I had ordered was served. BAM!!! My appetite’s gone for a toss!

Chocolate room serves “Soodaana Aavin Paal” – Hot Aavin Milk instead of hot white chocolate. And even the steel tumbler was the same thing you get when you have soodu paal from a road side stall!!! The only thing that was even delectable about the whole thing was that they brought the steel tumbler in this crisp white porcelain candle holder thingy where a small candle lay burning and on top was the steel tumbler, keeping the hot chocolate warm.

One look at the whole thing and I thought “Even if the contents of that teeny tiny steel tumbler is tasty I would pay that 120 bucks without batting an eyelid!” … Crossing my fingers and PRAYING (which happens once in a blue moon) I took the steel tumbler, poured half of it into a mug, mixed some milk they had given along with it and a bit of sugar.

Let me tell you about the first white hot chocolate I have tasted before I get into how chocolate room’s hot white chocolate tastes. There is a small cafe sorts in one of the malls in Auckland, NZ called “Bam Bam Gooey’s”. There I saw for the first time in my life, Hot White Chocolate. It sounded too delicious to even read, so I ordered it. And guess what they served. Imagine melted white chocolate with hokey pokey pieces and a sprinkling of dark chocolate on it! That’s how it tasted! Infact, I paid pretty much the same amount even in New Zealand for a larger cup of hot white chocolate.

Now coming back to Chocolate Room’s hot white chocolate, Imagine drinking a less sweeter, thinnest version of melted milkybar chocolate… Well, that’s my sad story. Please do think twice before you order for a cup of Hot White Chocolate in Chocolate Room. The rest of their recipes are highly tasty except for the white chocolate section… *sigh*…..


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