Some things that matter

For someone who believes life is a gift that seems so common yet it is so rare… Once you take it, it’s hard to get it back! Maybe I’m writing this out of anger or out of a newfound happiness. Either way, I know I’m passing on words which may mean nothing to some but everything to one…

They say the majority of people in this world are selfish. They live for themselves and can never consider anyone else in their life. Maybe there are people who are alone for selfish reasons. But I believe there is not a single person in this world who has ever gone at least one day in his whole lifetime without doing something for someone. We live for others. Thats what I’m trying to say.

This particularly makes a lot of sense in the Indian context. The family network is so tied. It is tried. People expect a lot of things like it is their birth right. Well, let me rephrase it for all of you out there who say, “We’re related… She has to answer me….” It doesn’t work that way. Being related to someone doesn’t mean it gives you the birthright to expect things of them. Your birthright begins and ends with your life.

Living for others is good as long as its healthy. The day it is taken for granted… you know you are at the bottom of the pile of people with the least respect from others. Everything on earth is only by choice. Nobody can force you to be someone you’re not. I bet there have been a lot of cases where you were never allowed to have a particular opinion about something or someone because your folks wouldn’t have it. I mean, are you not an individual or did your parents give birth to you so they could live a second life through you??

Please open your eyes. Goodness is needed in this world. But only when you can respect yourself for who you are and when others can respect you for who you are. You never know what happens after this life. Whether you’ll have rebirth or disappear into the darkness. No one knows. A life is very hard to come by. Make the most of it. Live it the way you want to live. If you make mistakes, make them. So you know what you have done in your life. It is you who has to write your own story.


One thought on “Some things that matter

  1. Hey Divya,

    The things what you have told is extremely true but as its always been said that the other side of the grass is always green,the same way even you try to live for others but at some point or the other even though you want to maintain that individuality it will hardly work upto your advantage,rather in other words still before you realise that things are taken for granted it will be a long way where hardly you can think of taking back step!!!!!!!! thats how i feel!!!!!!!!!

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