Pestos galore

I am by no means trained in Italian cooking nor do I watch many Italian cooking shows. My love for the carbacious (wait, is that even a word?) pastas and pizzas keep me constantly trying something new. It all began when I bumped into a video on Jamie Oliver’s Youtube Channel featuring the Chiappa Sisters… More Pestos galore

Would you like some pickle and honey with your pizza?

That’s right. Last night’s dinner was quite interesting. We were suggested by the front desk to go to a restaurant called “Seoga and Cook” in Dongtan’s downtown. It was one of those modern, crisp and clean looking, American-ish restaurants. I ordered a Fanta Grape while K had some German beer. He also ordered some fries… More Would you like some pickle and honey with your pizza?

Sunday in Seoul

I haven’t written in this blog in a long time. It just shows how much fun I’m having¬†as I write this on day 2 of my 10 day trip in Korea. You’re probably wondering why I am blogging instead of being out there and doing stuff. It’s because I had to work for a bit… More Sunday in Seoul

Freekin’ Deelish!

For quite sometime now, Americans have been on about this new superfood “Freekeh” pronounced Freak Uh. Correct me if I’m wrong… Freekeh is a middle eastern/Egyptian/Palestinian wheat grain that is harvested when the wheat is young. It has at least 4 times more fiber than other grains — even than Quinoa! And what’s amazing about… More Freekin’ Deelish!